Caring For Your Appliances

Caring for your appliances and your teeth is very simple.  Keep plates and other removable appliances safe in your mouth or in a small container.  For patients with braces, avoid any hard, chewy foods such as lollies, toffees and whole apples etc. as these may unglue your braces and distort the wires.  Brush your teeth 2-3 times per day with a fluoride toothpaste and soft toothbrush.  Angle your tooth brush above and below the wire to clean your teeth thoroughly – especially the area along the gum line.   You can also use floss, mini-brushes and mouthwashes to help keep your teeth clean and strong.  Always wear a mouthguard for any contact sports.

Emergency Care

If you have a breakage, call our practice and talk to Dr Ward or her staff.  They can schedule you an appointment for the repair and, on most occasions, they will be able to talk you through some simple steps to take care of the problem at home.  A small ball of your beeswax is very useful if you are having problems such as long or uncomfortable wires, ulcers and loose brackets.

Colours For Your Braces


This is a selection of many of the colours available. We also have glow in the dark and sparkly colours which patients can select.

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